The ’80s SLB Fan’s Last Blog Before Taking A Long Break

Well, 1 January 2018 here in Las Vegas (2 January 2018 in London), is my last day, and this is going to be my last blog before I take a long break. I apologise for my delay in submitting this blog. I was not able to write some blogs that I am supposed to share with you as my audience and followers. I was supposed to write some topics on my blog about Simon Le Bon’s wonderful parents, his ’80s fashion v. Madonna’s ’80s fashion, his ’80s hot and sexy hair, and how I started having a BIG ’80s crush on him. Unfortunately, I had to do a number of things this 2018. I have to focus on trade show/convention/conference work, taking small online classes on voiceover and creative writing, and hopefully, I will be able to start getting booked for TV and film work and small modelling work since hair shows in Las Vegas start early this year. It’s been rough and horrible for me during the second half of 2017 when it comes to modelling and acting in Las Vegas. I am also focusing on my boyfriend’s return to Las Vegas this February, so I am looking forward to that as well.

Taking a break from my blog site and social media will benefit me. As I’ve mentioned on one of my blogs before, creating my posts dedicated to our beloved Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon has been fun and learning experience for me, and we as fans show how much we truly love and support him for his talents, creativity, beauty (during the 1980s), funny humour, humanitarian work, and overall self (for who he is now). However, I’ve been going through some hard challenges (including when every time I see online some things and some people in SLB’s personal life that I don’t like and I don’t feel comfortable with, which make me feel hurt and angry emotionally) which put myself into too much pain and depression. This is getting too much for me. This is my own personal feeling & opinion. As I said before, he chooses whoever he invites into his life, and he has the right to choose how he lives his own life. There is nothing really I can do about him, but I have to do my very best to provide him with the respect that he deserves.
Last June 2017, I remember the day I heard that Simon Le Bon’s mother, Ann, passed away. I am sure that must have been very difficult for him. I lost my mother in the mid-’90s when I was in on my second half of my freshman year in high school. It hadn’t been very easy for me growing up without my mother. But I had to accept it and had to do my very best to stay strong without my mom. When I found out about SLB’s mum’s passing, I was shocked! How did I learn about this? One of my followers on Twitter sent me a direct message, and I immediately went to Duran Duran’s Tweet regarding the sad news. I also read the sad news from Duran Duran’s website. So I started praying for SLB and his mum. While I was praying, I was in tears.
I hope that everything will be alright for SLB. I don’t know whether or not he believes in God, but I always keep him in my prayers. I think there will be great things that will happen to him, but I don’t know exactly what those great things are. Maybe I will return to my blog site and social media to get ready for SLB’s 60th birthday, 27 October 2018. But, I am not so sure yet. I just would like to wish you all Duranies, Simon Le Bon Fans, and our one and only legendary Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon a HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY 2018.๐Ÿ’™


Scorpio Man Explained On The ’80s SLB Fan Blog

Have you ever dated a Scorpio man? Or are you currently dating or married to a Scorpio man? I am currently dating a Scorpio man. Yes, my boyfriend and I have been in a love relationship for 6 years. Did you know that legendary Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon is also Scorpio man? That’s why he’s been my BIG ’80s crush for a very long time. I tell you that these men are Scorpio men, and they are so unique and special. Once you’re hooked with a Scorpio man, you’ll go gaga crazy over him! There’s no turning back and there’s no escape from a Scorpio. And once you are so in love with a Scorpio man, it’s so difficult to let go of him. Based on my years of my personal experiences and observations, most Scorpio men by far are the best among other men that are non-Scorpios. Before I begin to give you a list of positive and negative traits about a Scorpio man, let me tell you about non-Scorpio guys. I’ve had crushes on guys and dated a few guys that are non-Scorpios throughout my entire life, but these guys are such jerks and they never gave me a chance and accepted me for who I am. I got hurt so many times, and I will never invite these non-Scorpio guys into my life ever again!

Now, let me give a list of positive traits about a Scorpio man, and why I find a him so special:

  • Loyal/Lovable/Kind
  • Intense
  • Sexy/Highly Sexual
  • Hot
  • Magnetic
  • Passionate
  • Beautiful/Attractive
  • Talented
  • Intelligent

Next, let me give you a list of negative traits about a Scorpio man in general, and why I find him hard to understand at times:

  • Mysterious/Secretive
  • Jealous
  • Disconnected
  • Resentful
  • Stubborn
  • Too Sensitive
  • Obsessive
  • Possessive
  • Gets mad too easily
  • Afraid/Fear/Phobic

Well, that’s what I’ve observed with my boyfriend. He may be a sensitive man and hard to understand at times, but I never gave up on him. I tried to break up with him before, and no matter how I tried to let go of him, I just could not do it. I also remember that there were times he got so jealous of me because he thought that I was cheating on him with another man. I tried to explain to him that I don’t go out with other guys and some are just my regular male friends. And when other guys tried to invite me for dinner or they show that they’re interested in me, I totally stay away from them especially when they’re not so attractive. I tell them that I have a boyfriend, and I’m not available. That’s how I am so loyal to my boyfriend, and I show him how much I care and love him. To keep my relationship with my boyfriend from falling apart, I make sure that not only I give him lots of love, but I always give him reassurance and trust. We’re still in a distant relationship. He is still living in Los Angeles, and he is scheduled to come back to Las Vegas at the end of February 2018. I miss him very much and I tell him how much I love him. He misses me and loves me very much as well. I just need to keep trusting him and never lose hope in him. He’s a very intense man when it comes to love. His lovemaking is so magical. I can feel his sexual energy and intensity all over me and in the bedroom. His light brown eyes are so intensely pierced, beautiful, and magnetic.

My Scorpio boyfriend’s acting and modelling headshot – 2008.

That’s how I see in Simon Le Bon during the 1980s as hot, sexy, intense, magnetic, and beautiful. He was dubbed as one of the ’80s sex symbols, and his blue eyes were intensely pierced. In my own personal opinion, Simon Le Bon was the sexiest man of the 1980s ranging from 1981 to 1985/86. I know how it feels to have a BIG ’80s crush on SLB, and for some of you that still have a crush on SLB for years, I know how you feel. For me, having a BIG ’80s crush on SLB is so hard to let go. I told my boyfriend about SLB, and I even let him know that not only he’s been my BIG ’80s crush years before my boyfriend came into my life, but I tell him that he and SLB are both Scorpio men. I even added that I am so attracted to both of them. He wasn’t mad about it, and I was glad that he completely got my point and understood what I told him.

So, for some of you who would like to learn more about a Scorpio man in general and for some of you who are planning on going out with a Scorpio man, be sure to take a look at these links:

Dating a Scorpio Man Ultimate Guide! – PairedLife

The Scorpio Man – Cafe Astrology

Getting to know a Scorpio man may not be easy at first, but you have to be patient with him, and you have to make sure that you truly love him very much and give him reassurance. A Scorpio man is very loving, very caring, and very loyal individual, and he wants to stay with you forever even when both of you are in a distant relationship. And be sure not to hurt his feelings so much, and don’t cheat on him with another man. A Scorpio man gets upset easily. He doesn’t forgive and doesn’t forget unless you talk it out with a Scorpio man and give him reassurance, and everything will work out wonderfully. A Scorpio man is attracted to everything beautiful. It would take him forever to find the right partner for him. Until he finds the right partner in his life, he will stay with you forever. That’s how I notice with my love relationship with my boyfriend. He had past girlfriends before he met me, and his relationship with each of them lasted for 6 months. Can you imagine that and see the difference? His relationship with his past girlfriends did not last that long. I am a Capricorn woman, and I have been his girlfriend for 6 years. Wow! I don’t know when he’s gonna ask me to marry him, but I hope he will once he’s ready.

I recommend that you should date a Scorpio man if you are single and you are looking for long lasting love relationship and/or marriage. But before you pursue a relationship with a Scorpio man, get to know him first. I warn you that some Scorpio men are weird, bad, ugly, scary, and manipulative. Some Scorpio men are very stoic, and they can be good teachers, doctors, philosophers, scientists, and private investigators. That’s why not all Scorpio men are created equal.

For me, I will never leave my relationship with my boyfriend because I love him very much. I will never forget my big ’80s crush Simon Le Bon, and he will always be not just my inspiration, but I will love him always and he will always remain and forever be my big ’80s crush. I think the best life changing events that ever happened to me in my entire life are these two Scorpio men, and I will never forget them ever.

For me, I will never leave my relationship with my boyfriend because I love him very much. I will never forget my big ’80s crush Simon Le Bon, and he will always be not just my inspiration, but I will love him always and he will always remain and forever be my big ’80s crush. I think the best life-changing events that ever happened to me in my entire life are these two Scorpio men, and I will never forget them ever.

Getting To Know The ’80s SLB Fan

Take a look at these images below that each contains our Duran Duran frontman’s profile during the 1980s.  

Simon Le Bon’s Profile, Source: Lifelines Magazine, 1980s Issue 9 –
Personal Profile: Simon Le Bon, Source: Duran Duran ’81 –
Simon Le Bon Profile, Source: Duran Duran Year Book ’83 –

The purpose of showing you these images is to sort of following the format (as a guide) that I am using for my profile.  You may have been questioning yourselves about who I am for months since my debut on Twitter more than a year ago and I first launched my blog site in April 2017.  Well, if you would like to learn more and get to know about me, let me introduce myself via my profile below.

The ’80s SLB Fan Profile

FULL NAME: I prefer to be anonymous.

BORN: 3 January 1981, San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn โ™‘

HEIGHT: 5ft 1in


HAIR COLOUR: My hair colour is natural black, but I dyed my hair red, jet black, and brown before.

WEIGHT: I weigh around 7.85 stone (110 lbs).

FAVOURITE FOODS: My favourite foods are smoked salmon, sushi, shrimp, crab, lobster, spicy foods, brownie, chocolate hazelnut spread, pumpkin pie, vegies, Tabouleh, Pad Thai, salads, couscous, brown rice, tilapia, red grapefruits, pineapples.  

FAVOURITE DRINKS: Iced/hot coffee, iced/not caramel macchiato, green tea, non-alcoholic apple cider, ginger ale, Zinfandel, Red & Pink Moscato, iced green tea lemonade, White Russian, Almondmilk, red grapefruit juice, apple juice

FAVOURITE ACTORS: Cary Grant, Liam Nieson, Gรฉrard Depardieu, John Wayne, Glen Ford

FAVOURITE ACTRESSES: Audrey Hepburn & Julie Andrews

FAVOURITE FILMS: James Bond Movies, Forrest Gump, Die Hard Sequels, Rambo Sequels, Mary Poppins, The Sound Of Music, My Fair Lady, Martial Arts Movies, The Quiet Man

FAVOURITE TV COMEDY SHOWS: Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Monty Python And The Flying Circus, Keeping Up Appearances, Mr Bean

FAVOURITE ’80s TV SHOWS: ALF, The Golden Girls, Knight Rider

FAVOURITE ’80s MOVIES: Xanadu, Sixteen Candles, Police Academy 1 to 5, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Tron

MOST FAVOURITE DURAN DURAN SONGS: Is There Something I Should Know?, Hungry Like The Wolf, The Reflex

FAVOURITE PERSONS IN THE WORLD: My mum, my boyfriend, & Simon Le Bon (especially in the 80s).

I WOULD DESCRIBE MYSELF AS: Petite, funny, & cute.

THE BEST THING ABOUT ME: Always being different & unique from others. Just be myself kind of mentality.  I’d rather be different.

MY VERY FIRST REAL BOYFRIEND: Tyler Christy.  He’s 33 years old, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio.  We first met in 2011.  We have been in a love relationship for 6 years.


FAVOURITE 80’s Mini Series: The Thornbirds

FAVOURITE TV PROGRAMMES/SHOWS: Rick Steves’ Europe, Lidia Bastianich’s Italian Cooking Shows, Call The Midwife

FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRES: ’60s music, ’80s music, classical music, electronic dance music.  I listened to smooth jazz when I was a kid, and it used to be one of my favourite music genres.  But after 2012, I don’t listen to smooth jazz that much anymore because its popularity started to decline.

HEROES: James Bond, Snoopy, Winnie The Pooh, Frank Sinatra, and Simon Le Bon (YEZZZ!!!)

OCCUPATIONS: Actor (principal, featured, extra), hair model, novice voiceover

OTHER OCCUPATIONS: Trade show assistant, product demonstrator, brand ambassador, event staff, stand-in actor

PAST OCCUPATIONS: Casino pit clerk, retail sales associate, theatre usher, student library worker

PAST EDUCATION EARNED: Associate of Arts (AA, no emphasis, 2-year college graduate) – Major in Secondary Education, The College of Southern Nevada (formerly Community College of Southern Nevada), 2002 & High School Diploma (high school graduate), Las Vegas Academy of the Performing Arts (formerly Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing & Visual Arts), 1998, Certificate of Completion in Music Theory 101 (non-credit course) – Major in Music Performance, Berklee Online at Berklee College of Music, 2004

OTHER PAST EDUCATION: Major in Music Jazz Performance (Vocals), University of Nevada Las Vegas [DROP OUT]

PERFORMANCE TRAINING COMPLETED: Introduction to Voiceover & Character (Cartoon) Voiceover 1

PAST PERFORMANCE TRAINING: I started playing the violin when I was 15 and played with different high school orchestras for 2 years.  I started my full violin private lessons when I was 16.  I stopped playing the violin when I entered my freshman year in college.  I also started my vocal training in college in 2002 as a college credit course, and I went back with vocal training in 2006 just as a refresher and non-credit course.


CURRENT FAVOURITE SUBJECTS: ’80s Music, Classical Music, Voiceover, Travel, Italian Cooking, Fashion (Classic, Sophisticated, ’60s, ’80s) Relationship Astrology, ’80s SIMON LE BON!

CURRENT AMBITION: To be a cartoon voiceover and actor 

PAST AMBITION: To be a singer

HOBBIES: Knitting, singing, listening to music, reading Astrology books (my favourite is Relationship Astrology), cooking, writing blogs, collecting 1980s Simon Le Bon stuff.

FANTASY: Very personal & very sexual.  I wouldn’t discuss this furthermore.

THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME: Meeting guys that are total weirdos, total losers, and total jerks! Ugh!!!

BEST THINGS THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME: Having a BIG ’80s crush on Simon Le Bon for 17 years and having a love relationship with my boyfriend for 6 years.  FUN FACT: Simon Le Bon and my boyfriend Tyler are both Scorpio menโ™!  I think these are the craziest yet the best things that ever happened to me in my entire life. ๐Ÿ’™

Should Simon Le Bon Embark On A Full Solo Career?

I remember several months ago, I daydreamed about and pictured our Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon, being a solo artist and having his very own solo album for the first time.  I was thinking if he should embark on a full solo career for at least a year or two.  I tried to share that idea with some of my followers on Twitter, but some of them were opposed to this idea because they felt that SLB is the voice for Duran Duran, and without him, there will be no Duran Duran.  Others were so selfish and hostile they got so mad that they did not want SLB to start being a solo artist.  That really irritated me!  While others have been waiting for SLB for years to pursue his full solo career with his first solo album.  He already co-owns SYN Studios and he has done a number of solo projects outside of Duran Duran for years.  So, why not he should go on hiatus from 1 to 2 years and should embark on a full solo career?  On 21 December 2017, I started conducting a poll survey on Twitter to find out whether or not Simon Le Bon should embark on a full solo career.  Take a look at the results below:

NOT SO surprisingly, 47% of voters voted NO, 32% of voters voted YES, and 21% of voters voted UNDECIDED or DON’T KNOW.

Today, 26 December 2017, I just read Simon Le Bon’s 2017 year-end message via, and he mentioned he is starting work on the next Duran Duran project, beginning of the band’s 40th-anniversary celebration.  The 40th-anniversary of Duran Duran is something that I NOW feel that I will not be very excited.  Unless it’s a BIG major event hoping the band will bring lead guitarist, Andy Taylor, back, then I SUPER look forward to Duran Duran’s 40th-anniversary celebration!  I am sorry for those Duranies that are still upset at Andy.  But to me, I feel that I still love the original ‘Fab 5’ Duran Duran, and I am not going to change how I feel about this special 80’s superband.  What I still do not understand is what Simon Le Bon meant by ‘the next Duran Duran project’ other than the 40-anniversary project of the band.  Did he mean that Duran Duran is going to work on their next new album?  Like, REALLY!!?  

Before I even answer about my personal opinion about whether or not our Duran Duran frontman should start on a full solo career and to discuss about my personal comment/debate about the next Duran Duran project aside from the 40th-anniversary of the band, let me show you my three (3) Simon Le Bon solo project picks that find them interesting:

Grey Lady Of The Sea (1988) 

Grey Lady Of The Sea, was recorded in 1986, and it was featured in the 1988 documentary film, Drum – The Journey Of A Lifetime, featuring Simon Le Bon.  In collaboration with producer and songwriter, Nick Wood, this song sounds breathtaking, which it makes me go on a sailboat journey to paradise.    

Follow In My Footsteps (1989) 

Follow In My Footsteps was recorded in 1988, and it was featured on Requiem For The Americas, which is the 1989 album tribute to the Native Americans.  For me, the instrumental sound to this song is very emotional with a hint of spiritual feel to it.

Nobody Knows (2006)

Nobody Knows was recorded and released by SYN Productions in 2006.  I do not remember the exact day I listened to this song for the first time in 2017.  But I do remember I sent a Tweet about this song on 30 September 2017, the day before the mass shootings happened in Las Vegas on 1 October 2017.  

This song including Simon Le Bon’s powerful vocals sounds very deeply emotional and depressing.  This song literally makes me want to cry.  

Nobody Knows is available for purchase and download on Amazon in MP3 format which was released in 2008.

All 3 tracks that I mentioned above can be found on Simon Le Bon Story – The Unofficial Simon Le Bon Compilation Album, which was released in Finland in 2000, and re-released in 2009 with added tracks.

If you would like to learn more about Simon Le Bon’s other solo projects, check out The Simon Le Bon Solo Album – A Blog by
Now, let me proceed to discuss my personal opinion about whether or not our Duran Duran frontman should start on a full solo career and to discuss my personal comment about the next Duran Duran project aside from the 40th-anniversary of the band.  In my own opinion, I feel that Simon Le Bon should embark on a full solo career.  I mean, REALLY I’M SERIOUS.  He has been incredibly amazing multi-talented and creative individual ever since he was a little boy.  I know being a solo artist can be very stressful, but if he should have pursued it with more push on getting his name out there and better support and better collaboration with top well-known and respected music producers, I think he would have gotten more successful by now as a solo artist than being with any band.  I think he really needs to try this new solo venture even for just 1 to 2 years.  After he is done with his solo career, he can come back working with Duran Duran.  Do you remember when Duran Duran went on hiatus in the mid-1980s to pursue some side projects which formed 2 separate bands: Power Station & Arcadia?  Why not our legendary Duran Duran frontman should start pursuing his solo career even just temporarily?  Let me tell you about my personal comment about the next Duran Duran project aside from their 40th anniversary.  And if our Duran Duran frontman reads my blog in its entirety, let me say this message straight to him:  

“Mr Simon Le Bon, if you and the band are planning on making another album, PLEASE TAKE BREAK FOR AT LEAST 5 OR EVEN UP TO 10 YEARS!!!  I am sick and tired of seeing new Duran Duran albums being released without THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL FAB 5 members!  You should start pursuing your solo career!  Oh, YEZ I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time, and I believe and have faith in you that you’ve got what it takes to be a solo artist.”

I hope that anyone who reads this blog understands how I feel which is very hard.  I may expect that others will oppose my blog.  I would welcome anyone to share their thoughts and opinions on this blog, and I would like to hear from you. 


The ’80s SLB Fan’s Review on ‘The Reflex’

Last week, I was able to watch again Duran Duran’s no. 1 hit in the US, ‘The Reflex’ (1984).  I was trying to analyse the whole video.  After I watched the entire music video, I feel that the concept and meaning of it are still misleading to me overall.  

๐Ÿ“บWATCH ‘The Reflex’ (1984) by Duran Duran on YouTube.

What I love about ‘The Reflex’ are as follows:

  • The water falling from the giant video screen.
  • The background singers’, additional musicians’, and The Fab 5 members of Duran Duran’s live performance on stage.
  • Incredible production.
  • Lighting effects and pyrotechnics.

What I do not understand and I do not like about ‘The Reflex’ is the background performers (dancers & actors) that performed backstage.  I just do not get the meaning and concept of the performance.  Was this scene all about SEX?  I watched one of the performers chained to her neck as if she was treated like an animal.  And there was another performer who was implied naked in the background.  What were Duran Duran and its production team thinking?  Were they crazy!!?  Couldn’t they see that there were teenage Duranies who played themselves as the audience on set during the music video filming?  Thankfully at least all the background performers were in silhouettes.  

What I LOVE THE MOST about ‘The Reflex’ is Simon Le Bon’s high energy jumps, his ’80s fashionable outfit including his wristband and fingerless gloves, and his sexy showmanship!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’‹  By the way, Simon Le Bon’s fashion in the 1980s especially his memorable ‘The Reflex’ is 10x way better than Madonna’s trashy lacey outfits in the 1980s.  Sorry, Madonna! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†

As I mentioned before on my previous blogs, ‘The Reflex’ is my no. 1 most favourite Duran Duran song in the ’80s!  However, I was either 3 or 4 years old, I was way too young at that time, and I could not understand the concept of that music video.  I can never understand this music video to this day, and I can never understand the song itself.  However, ‘The Reflex’ known for its catchy sound, upbeat rhythm, and Simon Le Bon’s sexy singing voice will still and forever be my no. 1 most favourite Duran Duran song ever!  

Announcement From The ’80s SLB Fan – 13 December 2017

Hello, Duranies and Simon Le Bon Fans Worldwide.
Just to announce that I will be taking a long break from social media and my blog site starting 2 January 2018.  I still have until 1 January 2018 to send my posts on Instagram (if any), send my Tweets on Twitter, and post my blogs on my blog site.  Creating my posts dedicated to our beloved Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon has been fun and learning experience for me, and we as fans show how much we truly love and support him for his talents, creativity, beauty (during the 1980s), funny humour, humanitarian work, and overall self (for who he is now).  However, I’ve been going through some hard challenges (including when every time I see online some things and some people in SLB’s personal life that I don’t like and I don’t feel comfortable with, which make me feel hurt and angry emotionally) which put myself into too much pain and depression.  This is getting too much for me.  This is my own personal feeling & opinion.  He chooses whoever he invites into his life, and he has the right to choose how he lives his own life.  There is nothing really I can do about him, but I have to do my very best to provide him with the respect that he deserves.   
 I don’t even know if I will ever meet SLB someday.  One told me to never give up dreaming of meeting SLB.  Maybe I should never give up dreaming about SLB hoping one day I will meet him.  I don’t know if he is going to appreciate me and accept me for who I am.  Therefore, I’ve decided I need to take a long break in order to focus more on my personal growth/situation, creative projects, trade show & convention work, and my personal relationship with my boyfriend.  I cannot guarantee anything when I will return to social media & my blog site, but I will announce the day of my return until further notice and I will be back when I am ready.  

Thank you so much for your understanding, for being my supportive audience, and for continuing to follow The ’80s SLB Fan.  And for our Duran Duran frontman, I am sure he is going to be alright and he will always be loved very much.  I wish him the very best & more power to him.  ‘We love you very much, Simon Le Bon!’ ๐Ÿ’™

Love Always,

The ’80s SLB Fan๐Ÿ’™

Short Storytelling Time With The ’80s SLB Fan – 9 December 2017

Duran Duran will be performing live broadcast on Sirius XM radio tonight, 09 December 2017, at 8 PM (GMT-5) in Miami.  I am so looking forward to listening to their live performance tonight.  As I am waiting for these final minutes until their live performance starts, I would like to share with you my readers out there a short story which I am sure you will find it interesting.

In November 2016, I was working as a brand ambassador for a travel credit card promotions at an international airport in Las Vegas.  I was working with a team leader at a booth in one of the terminals.  The flow of traffic got slow, and there were not many passengers to promote the credit card sign-ups.  I felt so bored, so I had to check my smartphone and browse online.  When my team leader saw me browsing at Simon Le Bon’s photos and news online, we started talking about SLB.  My team leader and I are in the same age group, and we were in the early-80s.  But he is one year younger than I am.  Anyway, he started typing in Simon Le Bon’s name on Google, and he was looking at his present and past images from the 2010s.  Based on the images my team leader saw, he told me that Simon Le Bon is not attractive.  So, I stepped in by showing him one of Simon Le Bon’s images during the 1980s.  As a result, my team leader was surprised, and said, “WHOA!” ๐Ÿ˜ฎ  I think he just got awestruck by Simon Le Bon’s intensely attractive looks during the 1980s.  

This experience that I had is something that I will never forget.  Sharing Simon Le Bon’s beautiful images during the ’80s with anyone makes me feel so much better on the inside.  I feel that Simon Le Bon during his prime in the ’80s is so great and memorable.  I will never forget this man’s great showmanship and his intense beauty (especially his intense sex appeal).  I would also love to pass his legacy including his childhood talents with a future generation of kids that love art and music.  I will even pass his legacy when I have children on my own, too.  In my heart, Simon Le Bon’s legacy will always live forever. ๐Ÿ’™

Simon Le Bon’s Strong Feelings About ‘The Reflex’ย 

As I mentioned before on one of my Tweets on Twitter and on one of my blogs before, ‘The Reflex’ (Radio Edit) is my most favourite Duran Duran song EVER!  In case you have not read my last blog about ‘The Reflex’ and about SLB’s very strange last name, click this link: Remembering ‘The Reflex’ by Duran Duran and The Singer With A Very Strange Last Name

When I listened to the ‘The Reflex’ for the first time at age 3, it had these catchy beats and sound that made me want to dance!  I even listened to the long remix version of the ‘The Reflex’ on the radio. From there, I REALLY ended up dancing!  I did not pay attention to the lyrics because I did not understand what the lyrics meant to me.  I even remember the mind-blowing sound of “Waaaaah… don’t you use it” numerous times!  I even watched ‘The Reflex’ music video when I was either 3 or 4 years old.  I was very young at that time, and I did not understand that song at the time.  I did not even understand the concept of the music video especially the water flowing on stage.  I just kept watching Simon Le Bon singing on stage who was not only the centre of attention but also my main focal point on the video.  In my overall lifetime, I’ve been trying to puzzle, solve, and understand what ‘The Reflex’ song really means and what it’s all about.  I guess that this song is all about SEX.  

In 2015, Simon Le Bon and Duran Duran’s bass guitarist, John Taylor, were interviewed on Absolute Radio.  During the interview, SLB mentioned that he has strong feelings about ‘The Reflex’.  SLB added that HE WILL NEVER TELL ANYONE WHAT THE LYRIC IS ALL ABOUT.  

๐Ÿ“บWATCH Simon Le Bon has strong feelings about ‘The Reflex’ – Absolute Radio Interview, 13 September 2015 on YouTube.

Now, take a look at my own very short 19th-century story version of ‘The Reflex’ which I really don’t have a own title for this story.  Please don’t take it too seriously, as this is just a fictional story, and I made this up just for fun and laughs.

In the dark evening of 1884, there was an innocent 3-year-old peasant girl who watched this intensely attractive mysterious man in the park digging on the ground and hiding his secret box which is unlocked yet closed and left.  The little girl asked herself what this man was hiding in his secret box.  Just out of her curiosity, she started taking action by digging up his secret box.  When she finally found his secret box, her eyes wide opened and was in shock!  She could not believe what she said inside this mysterious man’s secret box! She found his dirty little secret things that pertain everything about SEX!!  She could not totally understand this man’s bizarre secrets.  Every little thing this man did leave her answered with a question mark which remained a dark mystery.

I picture SLB as this hot mysterious sexy man, and I portray myself as this innocent 3-year-old peasant girl.  Hmm… Maybe this may be an opportunity for me to start writing my own fictional novel like that and start making profit!  Oh, what the heck!  I am no creative genius writer!  Here I go daydreaming.

Well, I would assume that ‘The Reflex’ song mainly is all about SEX.  Isn’t this totally bizarre? I can never understand what this song is all about, and I can never understand the crazy mind of our dear beloved Duran Duran frontman.  I would leave this up to SLB whenever he is ready to tell us what “The Reflex” song is all about.  Every little thing Simon Le Bon๐Ÿ’™ does will ALWAYS leave me answered with a GIANT question mark!  ๐Ÿค”โ”๐Ÿ˜•

I will discuss about ‘The Reflex’ music video on my later blog.  Stay tuned.

Simon Le Bon’s Social Media Posts On Twitter & Instagram – November & December 2017

When every time Simon Le Bon tweets on Twitter and posts photos on Instagram, I remind myself of a happy kid either waiting for a guardian angel, a tooth fairy, Santa Claus, The Great Pumpkin, the ice cream man, or The Easter Beagle to arrive. I have noticed that Simon Le Bon had been posting on social media between 19 November 2017 and 2 December 2017, which it made me feel so surprised, so excited, and so happy!

โ€œDuran (Simon Le Bon) With The Bagโ€ โ€“ Now thatโ€™s MY kind of dream Santa Claus that I want for Christmas!

The last time Simon Le Bon sent out a post on Instagram was on 16 September 2017, and the last time he tweeted on Twitter was on 9 October 2017. For days and weeks since the last time he sent out a post on Instagram & the last time tweeted on Twitter, he has not been on social media to keep us fans posted on his latest projects & campaigns, educated with interesting topics, and entertained with his funny jokes and his sense of humour. So, I conducted a poll survey to all my followers, Duranies, and SLB fans by sending a Tweet with the poll survey on Twitter on 7 November 2017. Refer to the Tweet below for 7 November 2017, and take a look at the final poll survey results.

Well, a sort of miracle had just happened on 19 November 2017. Around before noon, my father and I were inside a church waiting for the service to start at 12:00 NN. I was about to switch my smartphone to silent mode. However, I just received a notification from my Instagram app that our beloved Duran Duran frontman just posted a photo of his pug, Luigi, nicely wrapped in a warm blanket ร  la Nativity-style! I thought Luigi looked so cute and adorable in this photo! Aww!!! ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ’™

Aw look – Baby Jaysis landed early this year

A post shared by @ simonjclebon on

The day after Thanksgiving, 24 November 2017, I got out of a local off-retail store just to check out any latest Black Friday promos. I checked my Twitter app and Instagram app to see if there are any latest posts from SLB. When I looked at SLB’s Twitter profile, I just learned that he tweeted on Twitter on Thanksgiving Day, 23 November 2017!

How come my Twitter app did not send me a notification the day Simon Le Bon tweeted!!? How could I missed his Tweet!!? WHY!!?๐Ÿ˜ญ I assumed that Twitter had a glitch in its system. I may be had missed his Tweet on Thanksgiving Day, but at least he shared his “Album of HIS day” Tweet, and I was so happy he tweeted again. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Anyway, it was the middle of the night on 30 November 2017 when I was trying to prep a few Christmas presents for my boyfriend. Because it was getting late and I was feeling so tired, I had decided to place those items in a box so I could label the box the next day, and then I could ship the package at the end of the week to Los Angeles where he currently resides. Around 1:10 AM Las Vegas time, I just received a notification from Twitter that SLB just tweeted about global marine life awareness campaign for British Oceans. To learn more about #BluePlanet2 and #BackTheBlueBelt, take a look at Simon Le Bon’s powerful Tweet below.

When I checked out his Tweet and learned more about this powerful global campaign to protect our marine life, I went ahead and quoted his Tweet.

I was working on the last day of a cosmetic surgery forum on 2 December 2017, and I was getting ready for lunch. While I was having lunch, I checked the notification on my Twitter app via my smartphone. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, SLB Tweeted twice about Manchester United which I think is his favourite soccer team in the UK.

Huh? ๐Ÿ˜• What the heck!!? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Oh, OK. ๐Ÿ˜Š

He even retweeted THIS Tweet. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thank goodness I am so happy that SLB reached out to US fans & followers through social media! To me, it has been a lot of fun! As always, Simon Le Bon’s communication on social is never boring. If you miss his Tweets, never fear! He will be back on Twitter and Instagram soon. As Simon Le Bon always says, “Whoosh!” ๐Ÿ’™

The ’80s SLB Fan’s Reader: November 2017, “Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos, and Me” by Lorina Mapa

Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos, and Me by Lorina Mapa,, US$12.46

Thanksgiving Day (or I should say, “Turkey Day”) begins tomorrow, 23 November 2017, and it’s going to be CRAZY with all the food!!! Before I take the day off to celebrate this special day with family, I would like to share with you about the book that I finally finished reading last week. It’s titled, “Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos, and Me” by Lorina Mapa.

This book contains a memoir about Mapa’s life growing up in the Philippines during the 1980s. Her story is told in amazing cartoon-style illustrations which really helps readers get the whole picture about her life. She also told a tragic story about her beloved father’s fatal car accident, her lovely family in Canada and in The Philippines, the 1986 People Power Revolution, the Philippine society, and pop culture in the 1980s including Duran Duran. Oh, and by the way, our beloved Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon, is mentioned in that book. LOL!!!

When I read the whole book, I thought not only there are ups and downs about her story, but I thought there is a victory, strength, joy, and uplifting to her story which I love. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. Currently, this book is available to purchase online, especially on Amazon. Mapa is included on the list of 17 writers to watch 2017 on CBC in Canada. She was even featured on the new Q&A segment of Duran Duran Fan Community via  Take a look at Duran Duran’s tweet on 18 September 2017:

I remember the day when the People Power Revolution was televised on every news channels in the Philippines in 1986, and I was a 5-year-old Kindergarten pupil at that time.  I’ll never forget that victorious event that spread around the country and around the world. It was a very powerful life-changing experience for me. I was very young at that time, and it took me some time to understand these things.

Here are my favourite parts of the book.  Take a look at my tweet on 16 November 2017 on Twitter:

Now, here is my most favourite part of the book EVER! The hot and sexy Simon Le Bon in black speedos on Rio by Duran Duran ’80s music video!